Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Girls

So I realize its been awhile since I've posted about the family and what we are up to. And this is because its been a boring 2 weeks for us. We've been slumming it at home because of this snow and I really haven't wanted to get Alaina out in this weather. She hasn't gotten sick yet, and I am hoping to keep it that way.

In the past couple of weeks, Alaina has gotten bigger. She's filling out her 0-3 mos clothes very well now. They are still roomy, but she is able to wear them. She's sleeping through the night consistently now. She's always been a good sleeper, but occasionally after she was born, she would wake up around 3am to eat. But now she sleeps from around 11pm to 6am. Its wonderful. Of course, Sophie did this too, and then decided when she was about 5 mos old that she would wake up twice during the night. That lasted until she was 7 or 8 mos old. So I am fairly certain that Alaina won't always sleep through the night from now on, but I am definately enjoying it for now, while it lasts. Alaina is also smiling now. Not the "oh I'm about to fart or poop" kinda smile. But the "oh, you look foolish talking baby talk to me and I find you amusing" kinda smile. Its VERY cute. I might post a picture at the end of this post for all of you faithful readers.

So now onto Sophie. I think she's giving us a taste of what the "terrible twos" are going to be like. She used to lay down at night and go right to sleep. We'd hug and kiss her goodnight and she was perfectly content to go to bed. But now, she fights it tooth and nail. Also, she gets into everything. Now I know she's a 19 month old and they just naturally are curious and will get into things. But she's getting into things that she knows are off-limits and then when we count to 3, she still doesn't put it down. We can spank her and it doesn't phase her. Putting her in the corner works for about 5 minutes, but then she's back into everything. Don't get me wrong- I'm not at my wits end or anything. She's still a happy, good little girl about 1/2 the day. Its the other half that is hard to get through. But we deal with it, with lots of discipline, frustration, and love. Boy, that sounded corny. Sorry folks. Anyway, Sophie also has a new obsession with the TV. She is ALWAYS wanting to watch it. I can see this being a problem. My little brother, David, had a TV obsession when he was little, so my mom ended up taking the TV all week and on Friday nights, she would bring it out to the living room (we had a rolling TV stand, so it was easy to move it) and we could watch a movie. And then the TV went away til the next Friday. I can see Michael and I having to take the TV away. Although, I can't see Michael giving up the TV either. He has an obsession with videogames.

I start school on Thursday, Jan 12th. I have classes on Tues, Wed, and Thurs this semester, with only 2 night classes on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights. I am looking forward to going back, but I have alot to do this semester to prepare myself to get into the nursing program. Gotta take the NET, and study for it before I take it. I've also got to complete the nursing program application and mail it in before the deadline hits in June (which gives me plenty of time, I think). Also, the FAFSA has to be filled out by March so that I still qualify for grants and certain scholarships. So I'm going to do that and I have to work REALLY hard this semester to make all A's. I want to bring my GPA back up. It went down to a 3.54 after last semester.

Theres really nothing new with Michael. Still working at JCMC. Still playing videogames on his days off (and helping with the girls, of course).

So thats whats going on right now. The end.

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