Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monthly Update!

Okay, so I was thinking about updating the other day and never got to here I go....

I wrote a post back in January that I never followed up on! I was scared because Alaina would stop breathing and just seemed so sick...well I took her to the doctor the next day and she was admitted to the hospital for RSV. She stayed one night and they did breathing treatments every 4 hours and chest percussions as well. Sophie and Alaina pretty much stayed on breathing treatments for the rest of the winter it seemed like. They were really hit hard with RSV (Yes, Sophie had it too, but since she's older she wasn't hospitalized and we just did the breathing treatments at home and she got cough syrup to take at night as well).

So fast forward to present-day!

Sophie is WONDERFUL!! She is so much fun fun fun! She's talking in sentences now (short ones) and her vocabulary is great. She's still a little bit behind for her age it seems like, but just a little bit. And I'm okay with that. She will catch up.

Sophie is obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED with Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer. Its one of the first things she asks about when she wakes up in the morning. After the family "roll call" though. She says "MOMMY!!" and I say "GOOD MORNING SOPHIE!!!" and then she points across the room to Alaina's crib and says "Yay-na?" And I say "Yes, she is awake in her crib" and then she says "Where's Daddy?" and I usually tell her "at work". She says "At work? Oh otay" and nods her sweet little head. Then she says "Yah-yee" (Charmin, our dog) and I tell her that she's in the living room. The she says "Up", so I get her up and as I am changing her diaper, she asks "Um...where's Mom-mom?" (work) "Eh(and) Poppy?" (work) "Eh Dosh (Josh)?" (work) "Eh Dadid(David)?" (school) "Eh Mamoo?" (Downstairs at work) "Eh Papoo?" (downstairs at work) "Eh, Yell(Michelle)?" (at school) "Ohhhh. Mommy! Blue's Clues!!!" So I tell her wait a minute while I get Alaina up and changed and then we will watch Blue's Clues.

And before you judge, non-parents....YES, I let my children watch TV. I LOVE THE TV. I used to be one of those people that thought that I would never let my kids watch TV because it would ruin their mind. But I totally let my kids watch TV. However, I don't let them JUST watch TV. While they watch TV, they are playing with their toys. Sophie runs around with Charmin. Alaina pulls herself up on things and tries to grab whatever she can reach. They don't just sit their fixated. So no judging. Not here. Go to someone else's blog for that :). Rant over.

Yes, I said that Alaina is pulling up and standing up! So let me tell you how that went...She started crawling over a month ago. The day after she started crawling (at 7 1/2 months), she started pulling herself up. Yes, I am one proud momma! She is now standing on her own for a few seconds, before she freaks out and sits herself down gently. She's such a joy. A happier baby I have never seen before.

We went to the lake on Saturday with my in-laws. Such a great time was had by all! Even Sophie (who FREAKED out in the swimming pool) LOVED the lake. Donna and Mike rented a pontoon (I have no idea about spelling that one) and we went out for almost 6 hours. The girls did not cry one time. They both got in the water with us too and LOVED it. At first, they weren't too sure about it, but by the end of the day, Sophie was wanting to jump in on her own and swim away from us (which had Donna and I a bit nervous, I gotta say. We couldn't let her do that just yet!!). Did you know that Watauga Lake is the 3rd cleanest lake in the country? That is the ONLY reason I got in there. You won't see me caught dead in any other lake (unless its #1 or #2 on that list). Actually, you MIGHT see me caught dead in a lake with all the other dead bodies that are dumped in lakes by murderers. SHUDDER. But thats the only time you might see me in another lake (but you might not recognize me if my body parts have been disassembled). Anyway, the point of this paragraph was that we had an amazing time and I look forward to doing it again.

I start school tomorrow. I am so excited!!! Only 8 semesters left until I have my MASTERS DEGREE!!! (If all goes as planned, and gosh- I pray it does!!). Yes, thats right. I have changed my major and my whole plan. I was thinking that if I get into the nursing program at Northeast next year, then I will still have 3 yrs of school left...why not go one year longer for a masters degree and make alot more money at something that I had originally wanted to do with my life (before kids)? So...heres the plan, readers: This is my last semester at NE State. In the Spring of 2011, I will be transferring to and attending ETSU to get my bachelor's of science degree. I will be majoring in Human Health with a minor in Health Science. Then in the fall of 2012, I will be attending the graduate program at Milligan College for my Masters in Occupational Therapy. YAYYYYY!!!! So thats the plan, Dan....
Well, its getting late and I must get my beauty sleep (Lord knows I need it!!)

Oh! Wait! Gotta throw in something here! My best friend, Molly Duncan, has recently started doing photography. She is phenomenal! You find her on facebook by searching for "Hoot Photography" and see her fabulous pictures. She has done pictures for the girls and pictures of Michael and me. I'll post a couple just to show you how talented she is!!