Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go away!

Its been raining all day it seems. The power went out for about 45 minutes. That was fun, especially considering it went out while I was changing a dirty dirty dirty dirty diaper!

Sophie let me sleep in this morning til 9:22 am! I was shocked. When I woke up, I hurried and went into her room to make sure she was alright. She was just laying there, smelling her blanket and quietly talking to herself. She's such a sweet girl. At 11am, I had my glucose tolerance test. Thats always a joy.

School started last week and its going great! It feels SO great to be back in school. I'm very excited about getting it all done with and being able to help support Michael while he goes back to school. He's doing a great job being a loving, supportive husband. I'm not usually one to go on and on about my undying love for anyone (besides my daughter of course!), but Michael really is a wonderful husband and I love him to infinity and beyond. He's not perfect, and we get on each others nerves all the time...but he really is a keeper. And I'll just leave it at that and not make anyone sick with all this talk of love and mushy stuff.

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