Thursday, May 28, 2009


Its been awhile since I've updated. I've been relatively busy and just haven't had the time. Well, to update you all in blogland....

On Sunday, I will be 14 weeks pregnant (3 1/2 mos!), however I still feel sick alot and throw up sometimes. So I guess I'm one of the unlucky few who is going to be sick throughout the pregnancy. Which sucks, but ultimately I know its so worth it!

Sophie will be a year old on June 6th. What we are going to do for her birthday, I have no idea. Probably a family birthday with a few of our closest friends. I would love to have a big bash so no one would feel left out, but its just too much. And I've learned that you can't please everyone all the time. So it will be a small gathering, I'm sure. I'd really like to have a Curious George theme, because that's so "Sophie"...she's into everything and her curiousity gets the best of her, most days.
So, moving on to the latest fabulous thing that Sophie does: She gives kisses!!!! Most of the time you have to point to your cheek, and say "Give me a kiss" or "Kissy". But when I get home from work or if I was out running errands, she comes to the door and I pick her up and she gives me a kiss on the cheek. When she REALLY misses me, you can really hear her go "MUAH". Most of the time, its a quieter "muah". She is so loving, though. Michael and I are so blessed to have such a kind-hearted child.
She has also started climbing. She would try to climb on small things before, but recently I bought Michael one of those plastic drawers for him to put his videogames in, and she climbs up on top of that (which is about 13 inches off the ground) and stands up on it and tries to climb onto the bookcase from there. We are definately keeping a closer eye on her than before. She really does get into everything. But I decided a long time ago that I'm not going to follow her into every room that she goes into. I'll be exhausted if I chase her around the house. She's a baby. She's curious. She's going to get into things regardless of if I'm in the room with her or not. I will let her wonder around the apartment, and if she's quiet for too long, or if she is in a particular room longer than 5 minutes, I'll go see what she's up to. But other than that, I let her roam. We don't have a whole lot of things that are off-limits to Sophie, anyway. And the things that are off-limits to her, she has learned to steer clear of (or we have it placed up high so she can't reach it) because we taught her early what she can play with and what she can't. She's such a good baby though!!! I can't stress that enough. If you spend any time with her at all, you will fall in love with her. She's precious.
Oh. Something not-so-precious= her temper tantrums. We deal with them well. At first we ignore them. If she keeps on, we spank her. If she STILL keeps on, we pick her up and put her in her crib. This system works well for us. We've only had to put her in her crib once. Her tantrums have become worse since she has started teething. Its her two top teeth and you can see them, they just haven't popped through. She's not usually a whiney, angry child but she has become quite irritable with these teeth coming through. I'll be glad when its over and her sunny disposition shines through once again!!

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