Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day

So this year is my first official Mothers Day. And wouldn't you know it...I have to work (of course!). So...because I have to work, I really haven't been thinking about Mothers Day too much and totally forgot about getting my mother a gift!!! Luckily, Mom and Dad are moving soon, which means that there are lots of things that we can get for the new house. Well, Mom LOVES the rocking chairs that they have outside at the Cracker Barrel restaurant. So, my brothers and I are going to get her a rocking chair for the back patio at the new house. Great idea, huh?? So, I no longer have to freak out about a gift. *sigh of relief!*

Today has been a lazy day, but I have to get myself ready and leave to go to Erwin in an hour. I have to help my little brother, David, prepare a speech for graduation. He is presenting it to the teachers tomorrow and they will decide if he or some other guy gets to give the speech this year. I'm crossing my fingers for him!
Sophie has been quite a character today. She decided to pick up the small trashcan that we have in the hallway and carry it into her room to "play" with it. So I had to run in there and grab it. She was very upset that I took her "friend" away. But she has since gotten over it and found other friends to play with.

In this picture on the left, she is very upset because I took the hand sanitizer away from her.
In the picture on the right, she was trying to coerce Charmin out of her crate (which never happens, because Charmin KNOWS better).

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