Saturday, October 17, 2009

It seems like I always go a month between posts. I really will try to do better.

Last Tuesday I had the night off from school, so I decided that it was a good day to paint Hannah's room (or at least get started). I invited my cousin Ashli over, and my friend Audrey. I never imagined we'd get the whole room painted! I was so thrilled. Then on Wednesday, my Mom came over on her day off to help me do "touch-ups" and paint the trim. We also cleaned out the big walk-in closet and made room for Hannah's diapers and everything. I got so much done last week and I am so excited about it! On Thursday, Anthony (Michael's best friend) and Michael put the painted shelves up on the walls. It looks like a completely different room. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I can't thank everyone enough that helped paint/prepare Hannah's room!
On Friday, I had an OB appointment. FINALLY, I gained 4 lbs! yay! For those of you thinking, "Why would she be so excited about gaining 4 lbs??" Well, my last appt was 2 weeks ago and I had lost another 3 lbs...making my total weight loss 26lbs. Not so good when you are pregnant. Everything is fine with Hannah according to the Doctors, but I'm so glad that I gained this time around, even if it just gave me peace of mind. Anyway, so my due date is Nov 29th. But I had discussed being induced on Nov 27th because that's a Friday, and I if I have Hannah during the weekend, I'll be able to return to school sooner. Well, I talked to Dr. Pickler about it again yesterday and she told me that Nov 27th wasn't the best day because it is Black Friday, and that Nov 25th (day before Thanksgiving) would be better, because then I'll have an extra-long weekend to get home and rested before going back to school. So we discussed it for a few minutes and it was decided that Nov 25th is induction day (providing that Hannah doesn't make an early appearance), which also happens to be Michael's sister's birthday. I was thinking "OH NO!" when I found out. Because lets be honest- who wants to share a birthday? But when I told Michelle, she was okay with it. Seemed pretty happy, actually. So if she doesn't mind, then I don't mind at all.
So next topic- school. Going great. Making A's in all my classes so far. I've had 5 major exams so far this semester. I'm still waiting to get my grade for 2 of them. But for the other 3, I made A's. I'm really enjoying school and I enjoy learning (especially Anatomy and Physiology). Our Fall Break is Mon and Tuesday of next week. So I only have classes on Wed and Thurs next week. Thats exciting!
So I guess the only thing left to update you on is Michael. He's doing really good. Looking forward to Hannah joining the family very soon. He's thinking about getting a job at the VA next year in Jan or Feb (if they are hiring at that point). Now he has a couple years of experience, and they have great benefits and better pay. So if thats what he wants to do- then I'm all for it! But I know that if he does decide to go to the VA, he will dearly miss his co-workers. He really likes the nurses that he works with, and I think that it will take awhile for him to adjust to new nurses. Michael doesn't really like change. It takes him awhile to "warm up" to new ideas and people.
Anyway. I will try to post pictures of Hannah's room soon. I want to wait until we have her crib and bedding set up.

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