Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Countdown Begins

15 days to go until induction day!

Everything is going great and I am so looking forward to having baby girl in my arms soon. It'll be nice not being pregnant again. Although the postpartum emotions and soreness aren't a wonderful thought right now. We have decided against the name Hannah. Too common right now. So we have FINALLY decided on another name but we aren't telling people just yet....not until she's born. But I will tell you this-- its a great name!

We finally have a plan as far as where Sophie is going to be and all that jazz. Michael's parents are going to keep her on Wednesday, and on Wednesday evening when they come to the hospital, my parents are going to get her and keep her overnight. They'll have her until we get home from the hospital. Then we aren't sure if Sophie is going to come home right away for the first night home with the baby or if she will stay with her Grandparents again...that's still up for discussion. I want her to be home. She's part of the experience. But with having a new baby and the crazy hours that we'll be up during the night, I don't know if she'll sleep well or how that first night is going to go. And I know that Michael and I will be exhausted...so we just aren't sure whats going to happen yet. Life with 2 kids will definately take some adjusting to.

Got the nursery completely finished. Will post pictures soon....hopefully. But don't be suprised if I don't post until the end of the month after Baby girl has arrived.

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