Thursday, February 25, 2010

My, the time flies!

Its been awhile since my last post. Life has been busy and crazy.

30 Day Shred? Heck, it was more like a 7 day barely-a-shred for me. I guess I stopped doing it when Alaina was put in the hospital for RSV and Sophie got sick with RSV too. Shew, that was a nightmare. Breathing treatments every 4 hours and lots of spitting up mucous. My poor babies. They are better now though. Thank goodness. It took awhile to get them better, though. Especially Sophie. She also keeps getting ear infections! We've taken her back and forth to the doctor these past couple of months and its always the same thing- ear infection! Also, we are concerned with her language developement. She just isn't talking like she should be. She says words when we prompt her to (most of the time) but she doesn't just say words on her own (Other than "Dad" "Momma" "Please (Deez)" and "No"). She just likes to be lazy and grunt and moan and point. She has an evaluation with a speech therapist soon so maybe we can find out how to get some words out of her. She also has an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor next Friday to get her hearing tested. Her timpanic membrane (ear drum) isn't vibrating like it should. And when your ear drum doesn't vibrate against your auditory ossicles to the oval window and up into the Cochlea and out the round window(this is my geek A&P knowledge coming out)....there is no hearing going on. So Sophie can hear very little right now. Probably because of fluid build-up in her auditory tubes.
Alaina is growing like a weed. She's 3 months old today. Probably weighs about 12 1/2 lbs already! However, she doesn't look chunky. Still really little. Long and skinny sums it up pretty well. She is SUCH a thumb sucker. Its the cutest thing. She won't take a pacifier at all. She'd rather suck her thumb or use me as her pacifier (I breastfeed her). Which makes me feel like a cow at times. :) Speaking of pacifiers....Sophie has been off of hers for 9 days now. I'm so proud of her! We just went cold turkey and she's done great. Although she freaks out if she sees one of her pacis laying around and she can't put it in her mouth. We have hidden or thrown out all the pacifiers now, I think. I hope.
Michael and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on February 23. Okay, we didn't actually celebrate it on Feb 23 because I had school. We celebrated on February 22. But you get the idea. I proud that we've made it this far. We've had to overcome ALOT of things the past two years. More than what most people have to go through in 10 years of marriage. Its almost been the death of us a few times, but we've hung in there and are so happy for it.
So for the last year I have been struggling with the loss of a friend. Not any friend- my very best friend. She didn't die or anything...but something happened to cause us to not be friends anymore. And it was probably one of the worst ways to end a friendship. Lots of hard feelings and sadness associated with it. Well I talked to her last night very briefly after over a year of silence. It was very emotional for me. Probably for her too. I have been grieving her for a long long time and have never been able to get over it. There is something very intimate about a close female friendship. Probably because women talk about their feelings alot and delve deeply into their emotions. We had been best friends since we were 8 (13 years!). I feel like part of my soul died when our friendship ended. I know that seems dramatic, but its true. No one else could take her place. My other friends were good distractions and they've been good friends, but it wasn't the same. Anyway...our talk was a good one last night and, though it was brief, it lifted a very large load off of my chest. I feel like I can breathe again. It was healing. But I still feel confused about it and its still a very emotional subject. So for those of you who have been there, pray that things get 100% resolved.
I guess thats it.
Oh- school is going good. Had my first exam in A&P2 on Tuesday. Will find out my grade tomorrow. Cross your fingers for an A!!

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