Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too early!

I hope Sophie doesn't make getting up at 6:50am a habit. For a couple months, she was getting up at 6am and I was used to that, so it wasn't that big of a deal. But for the past few months, she's been sleeping until between 8:30 &9am. So I am not used to getting up too early these days.
Since she woke up so early, though, I got her ready and we were planning on going grocery shopping early in the morning to beat the walmart crowd. However, the Heavens opened up and the sky poured rain for about an hour and a half. I wasn't going to leave the house with it raining that hard. For anyone who knows me really well, you know that when its raining, I seem to fall down my stairs outside easily. So we waited until around 8:30am to leave our apartment. Got all the grocery shopping done before 10am. Yay! When we got home, Sophie was ready for a nap. While she slept, I put the groceries up and made the pasta salad for tonight. While I made the pasta and cut up the veggies, I talked to my brother Josh on the phone for awhile. He and my brother Adam are coming over for dinner tonight as well as Michael's cousin Jake and his wife, Ashli.
Sophie woke up at 11:20am and I fed her an early lunch since she had such an early breakfast. She ate a PB&J Sandwhich. For those of you parents who cut off the crusts of your child's sandwhich: WHY? Why waste bread and let your child grow accustomed to being so picky over a sandwich? I understand if the crust is really tough and crunchy, but most regular bread is soft and is just fine for a toddler to eat. Sophie isn't picky at all. Anyway, sorry, I just feel strongly about that for some reason. At 12:15pm, we left to go to the hospital to see Michael during his lunch break at work. Got home at 1:45ish. Sophie was ready for another nap. She is still sleeping. So while she's napping, I thought I'd catch up on some cleaning and update my blog.
I have been on a cleaning kick for over a week now. I feel like I'm nesting already. I never nested with Sophie. Seriously. I've never been a clean freak. Never had the urge to clean the house like a madwoman- until now. I cleaned the bathroom, living room, and kitchen YET AGAIN today. The other day, I cleaned the tub twice and the toilet 3 times. Why? I have no idea. I just get an overwhelming urge for things to look nice. Michael hasn't been complaining about the house being unusually clean. He is enjoying it. I told him to enjoy it while he can. Once Hannah comes, he can clean for awhile while I love on my two girls *smile*.

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