Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signing up for classes

I have made a decision. I've been going back and forth between whether or not to start back to school next semester or not. Peanut is due November 29th, and originally I had thought that finals would be too close to my due date. As it turns out, finals aren't until the middle of December. So although it will be challenging to go to school full-time, work full-time, be a full-time mom, and being pregnant...I know I can do it. And I have a plan. I am going to take 1 hard class (Intro to Microbiology), and 3 easier classes (U.S. History 1, Speech, and I'm not sure about the other class...maybe bowling??). So, if I take those classes, then hopefully I will be able to keep my GPA up (its a 3.667 right now). And I won't feel like I'm doing nothing with my life. And yes, mother, I have thought about complications with my pregnancy and all the "what-ifs"...but i mean...all you do is sit there during classes. Its not like going to school is hard. Its the studying and homework that's hard.
Next Thursday, my friend Ashli and I are carpooling and we are going to the main campus at 3pm to see an advisor, register for classes, get parking permits, and I need a new student ID (mine is 4 years old and I've lost it). Yay!

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