Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gentle Reminders

...we all need reminders of how blessed we are sometimes. Its easy to forget when it seems like there is so much that overwhelms me and so much that I can complain and worry about. However, when it all comes down to it- God has blessed me with 2 healthy little girls, a faithful and helpful husband who is a wonderful father and I am healthy and happy. Life isn't smiles and sunshine all the time- but whose is? Most of my days are full of smiles and my house is filled with the sound of a toddler's laughter and a healthy baby's cries. Some people don't have that. I am definately beyond blessed and have alot to thank God for.

We had a great Christmas. Sophie got a ton of gifts (the girls are blessed with Grandparents that buy them TOO much! haha), so I went through all the old toys and we got rid of more than half of them that Sophie never plays with, but I did keep a few small toys for when Alaina reaches about 4 or 5 mos. I'm not going to be one of those Moms who lets the kids toys take over the house.
On Tuesday (Dec 22nd), we went to our friends house and had a non-traditional Christmas dinner with Anthony, Audrey, Skylar, Haley, J, Melane, Jada, and Jacob. We ate a ton of food (Audrey made twice baked potatoes, fried chicken, rolls, deviled eggs, and a couple other things that I can't remember right now. Melane made Asian food, and I made a vegetable appetizer pizza, fudge, and haystacks). The food was delicious. I probably gained 5 lbs that night alone. After we ate, we opened gifts and did karaoke. We had so much fun. It was a wonderful fun filled night. We got home around 11:45pm.
On Christmas Eve, we went to my Gramma's house and had dinner- Roast beef with Au Jus, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, ColeSlaw, Jello Mold, and iced tea. Very very good. Gramma outdid herself once again. The we went to my parents house and made cookies and chocolate dipped pretzel logs with sprinkles. mmm mmm mmmm....good stuff. Mom and Dad kept Sophie that night (We opened gifts with Sophie earlier that day because Michael had to work on Christmas Day). Michael, Alaina, and I got home around 11pm.
On Christmas Day, I woke up and got Alaina and I ready to go and we went to visit Michael at work and take a basket filled with cookies, fudge, and chocolatedipped pretzels to him and his coworkers. So we did that and then went to Erwin. Sophie, Alaina, and I all took about a 2 1/2 hour nap from 11:00am-1:30pm. It was so nice! We went to my Grammas for Christmas dinner at around 3 and ate around 4. We then cleaned up and played games. At 7pm, I left Erwin and went to my Mother-in-laws house for another Christmas dinner. Michael met us there about 8pm. We ate and then exchanged gifts and played dirty Santa. We got home around 10:30pm and put the girls to bed and then got in bed ourselves.
So we had a busy holiday, but it was so much fun.
This week is going to be busy as well. Michael is working Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And while he is working tomorrow, I've gotta take the girls to the store and buy some groceries to make the stuff for our New Years Eve party with Anthony, Audrey, Melane, J, Richelle, Rob, TJ, Amber, and all the kids. Its going to be so much fun. I'm excited about it. Then on Tuesday I'm going to put away all the Christmas decor. On Wednesday, I'm going to clean the apartment really well and then cook a little on Thursday. Everyone is supposed to be over around 8pm, so Michael will have a few minutes after he gets home from work to take a shower before people start getting here.

So I've written quite a bit already and really haven't written too much about the girls and how they are doing- Sophie is wonderful. She just started saying all of her uncles' names- Josh, David, and Adam. She says "Mom-Mom" and "love" and "Happy" also. She still points and grunts alot though. She recently had her 18 month check-up. She weighed 27lbs 60z and was 33 1/2 inches tall. And although her head circumference was only in the 50th percentile, she still looks like her head is about 2 sizes too large for her body :).
And now Alaina- she's great. Growing and finally starting to fill out a little. She's a month old now and still in newborn clothes, but I have a feeling that she'll outgrow them within another week. She sleeps through the night most nights already. That's definately nice. But she goes to bed pretty late and gets up early...but I'm used to it now.

So we are all pretty well adjusted to Alaina's presence in the family and we are enjoying life.

Time to feed Alaina before she goes down for the night...Goodnight faithful blog readers. Sorry I haven't been so faithful in updating!

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